the method of publishing your blogger post through email

1. the dashboard click the specified blog's "settings" "email&mobile"button the "posting options"section's "email posting address",name your send to address. you can send text and image to the address to post to your blog
this is the process of publishing your post through email

the most useful function of chrome

the most useful funtion of chrome is "create application shortcuts",originally i also regard connection is for ever,no necessary to create shortcuts,but if you do you will feel the saving time,cause before this if you want to browse a website you like,you must click the specified browser button,first click,then address,then "enter",ok,now you see your wanted website,but if you set up your shortcuts,then just one click,very convenient,very easy,now introduce the position,click the chrome browser icon,then click the "control the current page"button, the first item "create application shortcuts"and click,ok,perfect,you prolonged your time.

about love

love is plum of winter

love is lotus of autumn

love is water lily of summer

love is tree peony of spring                              

mother i love you

today is mother's day,my dearest mother i love you!!

the postion of wallpaper

if you want to delete some wallpaper,the position is here:c:\windows\web\wallpaper

:)important finding about ebay and amazon

if you want to keep your privacy and want to change your username on ebay and amazon,you can change your current accout but need not create another account of course you can if you will,amazon username is an email and ebay account is the username as you just change your username at the present username-username as you name or email username as you register,perfect.

password safe and encryption of storage device

KeePass Password Safe

store and safe your password


encrypt your storage device if you often store some important information in your hard drive or usb flash

google gears--a tool to speed up page load time through storing the specified website data in local computer

the address:,a practical tool of speeding up your web load time through storing scripts,images,web files of specified website in the local computer,so don't install on shared or public computers

about password of clickbank

if sometimes you can not log into the clickbank account,just check if you input the correct password,here i stress the importance of the correct password,because the password is case sensitive,just check the upper or lower case,the best method is copy and paste the characters in your email.