the method of publishing your blogger post through email

1. the dashboard click the specified blog's "settings" "email&mobile"button the "posting options"section's "email posting address",name your send to address. you can send text and image to the address to post to your blog
this is the process of publishing your post through email

the most useful function of chrome

the most useful funtion of chrome is "create application shortcuts",originally i also regard connection is for ever,no necessary to create shortcuts,but if you do you will feel the saving time,cause before this if you want to browse a website you like,you must click the specified browser button,first click,then address,then "enter",ok,now you see your wanted website,but if you set up your shortcuts,then just one click,very convenient,very easy,now introduce the position,click the chrome browser icon,then click the "control the current page"button, the first item "create application shortcuts"and click,ok,perfect,you prolonged your time.