flock upgrade

just now flock upgrades to flock2.0,flock is one of my favorite browsers,i like the  functions just added,if you use flock and not choose auto-updated,click "help"section of toolbar,then click "check for updates",flock updates perfectly,here is the release notes.using several kinds of browsers the same time add more interests of browsing experience.

translate gadget--one of the most useful gadgets till now

1.the url:

2.choose the language of your blog

3.paste the code into the blog

4.recommend also add the url address to the bookmark cause when you click the url i recommend you will find in the middle of the page there are many languages you can use to translate webpage directly when you click the language icon dragged into the browser's toolbar,these two functions combined with the two translation functions in the toolbar i have recommended before and the,, come into being the all-round of translation.

5.beautiful gadgets

my favorite keywords of life

live and earn,learning from anybody,i am a leader and meanwhile i am the pursuer of the truth of beauty.i will add  my life keywords continuously,attention:don't confuse my keywords with the seo keywords,of course i will gradually add my life keywords to my internet keywords,seo our internet,seo our life.seo every beautiful thing.i think this article will be the longest article in my life,longer and longer,of course this article will be my favorite article.

kaleidoscope of life -- squidoo lens

"share your knowledge.make a difference"--great slogan,when you share your knowledge,your knowledge will increase,when your knowledge increases your will make a difference.when you make a difference you will share.this is the vital recycling of the knowledge spread.the very important factor i value very much about this site is that every lens is a specified aspect of life.more specified,every specified aspect make into being the general.simply,very perfect site worth recommending. 
when you firstly sign in,here is the process: 
1.enter the url:  
2.start the step 1 of the registration
enter your information:first name,last name,your email,retype your email,desired username,password,retype password,word verification.check the box"
meanwhile check the two sections:"lens of the day newsletter"and "squidu weekly tools and tips"
3. enter the step 2 of the procedure:

4. click "create a lens" to enter the step 1 of your lens basic information page:
on the "my page is about" section enter keyword that best describes your page.then name your title in the "give it a title" section.and "pick the best category for your page".
when you choose one of categories,according template choices named"starter packages"based on your category choice will appear below the category section,there are two choices,just pick one you like.then click "continue"to enter the step 2
5.the page of step 2 will ask you a few questions about your page,this will help you load your page with your great content.
including sever aspects below:
tell the world about the topic you enter in step 1,be passionate and don't hold back.
"a little about me"section enter your information.
"a blog worth reading" section of course enter your personal blog,click"preview"and you will see the latest posts of your blog.attention:the sample of preview section is the result that will be displayed on your page.when your page is viewed each time,the latest posts of your blog feed will show up
in the "now tell the world what you think of this blog"section ,just show to the world how great your blog is.
in the "google feed"(about the title you write as mentioned before)secion,just write the reason.
then check the box "allow people to add comments to my page"
click "continue" to enter the step 3,otherwise if you encounter any technic problem,just click the "help,i am stuck"section in the upper left hand of the page.
6.the step 3 is like this

7 click the "turbo it"or "publish my page now" on the upper right section,recommend click "turbo it"section,then you will be directed to the page about the pictures of your topic,just choose one picture and add your comments and p.s. below the "continue" to "publish now"
8.when you click "publish now"there will remind that "So you're ready to publish your page?",and again you will be asked a few questions about your page,including ""title your page"(if you are not content with your title before you can change this),then "creat your page url",and "content rating"about your page,certainly the better the better.
9.then click"go publish"
lens--beautiful page

instant feeling: the utmost factor of succeeding

one thing one time,especially on the internet.

about the translation function of the current google toolbar version: very convenient toolbar downloading address: the current version
2 introduce a very convenient translation function,certainly the function of each part is very useful,i will introduce continuously:
when you want to translate non-english web pages into english,just click the toolbar's translate menu to choose "translate page into english",but if you want to translate from english,just enable"eordtranslator",then just hover the mouse cursor over an english word to look at the translation meaning.otherwise,in the default condition,when you click the translation menu,this will enable again,it will return to the original condition.and about the language you want to translate into you can choose as following process:
1).click the wretch icon

2).click "tools" in the "google toolbar options" pop-up window
3).choose the "tranlate" checkbox

4).click "edit" button to choose the language you want to translate into in the drop-down menu.

5).click "save"

very good translation function,very convenient.