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the definition of toplist

about toplist,here is the definition:

webring- a very good social networking place

the url:webring
click sign up
then if you have a website click "i have a website"
enter your blog url

Drive more people to your web site

Congratulations, you are just about finished joining a WebRing community.

Your WebRing account has been created and we've sent you an account activation email containing your account ID and password. You are logged into your account now, so you can configure your account using the My Account link at the top of this page. You can create a blog if you wish, search for a ring community to join, and more! 
then return to your email and verify your account through clicking your link

Signing Up

Step 3: Choose your membership
Congratulations! You've successfully acquired your user ID and password, verified your email address, and are almost done with the sign-up process. Now, you can choose your membership level.
WebRing offers two types of membership options. Both allow you to join and create WebRing Communities.
  • WebRing 2.0 Membership — This membership plan is new and offers the latest WebRing Management Tools to both Community Members and Managers for $36 per year. WebRing 2.0 Member Benefits

    • Receive turn key assistance to connect your web site to your selected WebRing Communities with our Get Started Program.
    • Get a free WebRing 2.0 Email account with enhanced spam and virus protection.
    • Use WebRing Chat and add a chat room to your communities.
    • Earn money from communities you manage.
    • Use expanded customization options to create a unique look for your community.
    • Gain access to additional web traffic tracking tools.
    • Ensure your web site appears near the top of the WebRing Search Ranking.
    • Receive personal and priority support.
    • Drive highly targeted people to your web site.

    Coming soon:

    • Gain access to one-to-one and one-to-many communication tools to share information and do business.
    • Have your own email address.
    • Gain access to additional web traffic tracking tools.
    • and more...
WebRing 2.0 Community Manager Benefits
  • Create your own WebRing Community. Build a niche community using the latest WebRing Management Tools.
  • Control the look and feel of your WebRing Community. Personalize community settings, choose the WebRing NavBar you like best and categorize your community in the WebRing Directory to direct appropriate visitors to your community.
  • Manage the content of your WebRing Community. Invite others to join, approve or deny new sites as community members, alert community members of changes and more
  • Earn a small income through your WebRing Community through site prioritization and advertising. Offer to place Community Member's sites higher on your hub page listing for a small fee, as well as advertise other communities or domains.

WebRing 1.0 Membership — This is the original membership option and is free to everyone. It allows you to both join and create WebRing Communities. Check out our new turn key Get Started Program.
WebRing 1.0 Member Benefits
  • No annual fee.
  • Join WebRing Communities.
  • Improve your search ranking with mainstream search engines.
  • Drive more people to your web site.
WebRing 1.0 Community Manager Benefits
  • Create one or more WebRing Communities
  • Choose the name of your Community
  • Select your Community Members

  i choose the second
after clicking "choose this option now" of the second choice.
and if you have already added your site,there will appear the following information:
The URL you entered id already on file. You can use it when applying to join Ring Communities already. If you have another URL you can enter that one.

this is certainly a good method to increase your traffic