the process of submitting a blog to bloghub

1.before submitting your blog you need to register here:
enter username,password,and email to sign up.
2.a confirmation email will be sent to you with a validation code.
3.check out your entered email and get the validation code the url you receive in the same letter and enter the validation code "validate",now your account is activated. add your site at
7.enter your information to add your blog
8.then you receive the words as follows
All blogs are checked by a human editor for suitability before being added to Bloghub, to ensure the directory's continued quality. Your site has been added to the submission queue. You will be notified by email as soon as your blog has been checked, so please do not resubmit your blog. In return for listing your site, I ask for a small return favour. A link back to Bloghub. Here are some graphics that you might find useful. If possible, please copy the graphic to your own site and link to your copy so that it doesn't place a burden on my host. If this isn't possible (eg. your host doesn't allow it) then I do provide some HTML that you can embed into your site.

9.paste the link

this is the process.

the process of submitting a blog to bloggernity

 To register, please fill out this form completely. A valid email address is required.
 enter the username,password,and email address.
2.the confirmation email will be sent to your will a validation code. the url you receive and enter the confirmation code(in the same letter you receive),then click"validate" your account is activated. the "submit blog"button
6.enter the information:your blog's title,blog's url,category,description,contact name,contact email, and enter the verification code.
7.then appear the page:
Thank you! We will send you an email once your blog has been validated.
All blogs are checked by a human editor for suitability before being added to Bloggernity, to ensure the directory's continued quality. Your site has been added to the submission queue. You will be notified by email as soon as your blog has been checked, so please do not resubmit your blog. In return for listing your site, I ask for a small return favour. A link back to Bloggernity. Thanks.
paste the tiny button as my page appears

otherwise there are a few urls this site refers useful:

this is the process.

blogrush--a gem increasing your traffic

bloggers can get instant distribution for their latest blog post titles across the whole network of related blogs by adding the BlogRush Widget to the blog.
present only for english blog.non-english blog can join waiting list to be notified when other language networks launch.
sign up url:
 click "create account"
click"click to confirm changes"
then appear the confirmation page,after confirming,the critical step is:
paste the code and confirm having pasted,a letter will appear:

Your Blog Has Been Submitted For Review

Your blog is now pending a careful review by our staff to see if it meets our quality guidelines and criteria.
You should receive a decision via email within 48 hours.
As soon as your blog is approved for our network, you will begin to see the BlogRush widget successfully load on your blog.
Should your blog not meet our strict quality criteria, you will be asked to remove our code from your blog.
If you do not receive our decision by email within 48 hours (as some emails goes undelivered) you can also login to your account at anytime to check on the status of your review.
Best Regards,
The BlogRush Team
this is the whole process.join and enjoy the traffic.

blogtalkradio-a very good "radio"blog

this site has the big effect in social media networking and radio broadcasting.i make anyone from anywhere in the world - as long as they have access to a phone and internet connection - broadcasting their voices internationally.
citizen broadcasters can create and share the original content,and access diverse, sometimes balanced, often peculiar, mosaic of the Voice. 
the place of signing up:
then you will receive the confirmation letter in your box.
click to confirm
click the first link
then click the second click

here enter the blog name and meanwhile introduce your blog

googletalk--very good IM

the reason of using google talk:
instant messaging;pc-to-pc voice calls;gmail notifications(this function is very important for me,cause i mainly use gmail),file transfers.
the unique feature is that the instant messaging between the Google Talk servers and its clients uses the protocol XMPP, this enable the better communication between Google Talk users and other XMPP clients users

the place of downloading is:

Google Toolbar for Firefox

recommend a very good place of downloading google toolbar for firefox3,the version is
Google toolbar for firefox 3.1.20080730W

and the google earth downloading place:
:)attention: my recommendation is free

submitting a blog to blogdigger

the direct url is:

:)The process of adding your blog to blogarama

enter the url:
Then you receive a email in your box
the email content like this:
"thank you for adding your listing to our directory.
site name: tourbeau
site id: here is your site id
see the ranking benefits of linking to us in our faq.
you can see the full range of linking options here:
blogarama - the blog directory
Then i click the url
then choose a link style as you will

This is the proces.

the process of submitting a blog to blogpulse

the direct url of submitting is

The four useful tools of this site:

the whole process of applying the feedburner

the procedure of burning your feed:
Enter url:
entered the page like this:

Then type your blog address  is :
Then appear the page
Identify Feed Source
The feed URL you entered is:
FeedBurner discovered more than one feed at that address. Please select
one to use as your source:
tourbeau - Atom:
tourbeau - RSS:
then click next:
then click activate feed
click next:
I choose all:then click next
i choose the first:,then click Redirect your Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed » ,you will  be 
directed to the page

The last step i didn;t do like i said,cause the readers can not access to the 
feedburner website from Domestic,but you can subscribe my articles directly 
from the page

Top Tips for Beginning Bloggers

Starting a blog may be overwhelming,but this is only the appearrance,really three is nothing simpler than to be a member of online are some tips to garantee our blog can be a successful one.

1. Define our Goals

when we set up a blog, goals lead the future of our blog. be an expert in a field or just for fun.your long and short tems determines the half your want to blog one month,one year or all along?so the first step is to ask yourself.

2. Know your readers 

Different groups have different interests.your readers have all kinds of expectations for your community.don't confuse them but you ought to not only meet but exceed their expectations.our life is waiting and hoping,so meet this.

3. Be Consistent

in the online community,our blog is our own keep maintaining our brand carefully.if you can not let your blog be a nike brand one,at least a very good one. your blog is your reflection of one side of your life,so being consistent lets your readers visit your secure place again and again.they are your long-term faithful audience.consistency gains loyalty.

4. Be Updating

a useful blog is an updating blog. Blogs that are not updated are static pages. timeliness is the blood of a blog. meanwhile your posts must be valuable for your audience.The best way to keep readers coming back is to always updating and keep meaningful.

5. Be Involving

Involve your readers and value them through letting them leave comments for your topics is a good conversation.a good conversation is two-way conversation.make sure they ought to know hwo much you appreciate them.

6. Find like-minded one.

Always finding like-minded bloggers and also commenting on their blogs, participating in online communites as many as possible.

7. Take Risks

don't be afraid of the new blogging tools and features.try new things on your blog.if adding a plug-in is a must,then just plug in.

8. Ask for Help

blogosphere is an ever-changing place and no one can know some point every blogger is a beginner.real bloggers are always willing to expand their networks regardless of whether you're a fledgling or pro.

9. Keep Studying

You never know when an enhanced tool will spring out that can make your life easier or enhance your readers' experiences on your keeping studying is the main task.

10. Be Yourself

Remember, your blog is your brand,inject your personality into your words.People are not to read news from your blogs. They can read a newspaper or the pro website to get the all-detailed reports. people read blogs to get bloggers' opinions on the opinion, the world, life and more. Don't blog like a reporter. Blog like you make the conversation with your readers. Blog from your real self.

The Reason of Setting Up Personal Blog

1.sharing the pleasure of writing.

2.keep up with the blogging pace.

3.display our competence.

4.let the people caring about you know your condition.

5.keep writing is the the above-all ultimate cause. help people.

the most valuable directories of suggesting your blog

There are thousands of lists of “Blog Directories” on the Internet, but most of them are just directories and lack ranking factor to make them easy to read,here i collect an extensive list of Blog Directories more detailed according to the Alexa rank. and meanwhile insert the pagerank for your convenience,enjoy the list:)

Blog Directory Pagerank Alexa 5 1 6 316 7 4821 7 5350 6 7501 5 13431 7 23826 7 29593 7 33807 6 46602 7 54862 6 58187 5 12610 6 46840 6 62276 7 70000 6 72172 6 74926 6 77798 6 80012 6 83121 7 84667 6 92205 6 96308 7 100052 6 118010 6 104394 7 118470 5 119470 5 122972 6 134736 5 136386 5 165293 5 174240 6 181274 5 200304 5 216210 6 231052 5 231244 6 240401 5 243187 5 245137 5 246817 5 253731 0 260041 5 270163 5 270449 5 304010 5 313468 6 314116 4 314157 5 314160 5 319197 5 325343 4 361618 6 381223 5 419847 5 497951 5 504610 5 515636 5 548901 5 559462 4 622062 5 629832 5 632138 4 715258 5 735127 5 751608 4 768196 4 814706 5 817622 4 883904 4 1039483 4 1078346 4 1098680 4 2113555

the method of increasing the number of articles of blog

1.attitude is everything.don't put too much pressure on yourself.too often the more you think, the less you want to write.

2.improve the efficiency of writing blog,put yourself in the condition of not being disturbed.

3.not everything has the answer.don't pay too much attention in your the conclusion of your article.the great aim is to let people think,really thinking..

4.don't be afraid to make the mistake,you must really know living and learning is the really most important task in our lives.

5.don't regard storing up articles can lessen the stress in the future.this can decrease your inspiration fatally.

6. don't set up the limit of writing how many articles a day,but ask for yourself to write at least an article a day.

7.don't consider the so-called meaning the real meaning.every coin has two sides.the real meaning is to express yourself freely.

8.write out instantly when inspiration comes.the most charming body is inspiration:)

9.don't let your article get too long.

10.if you have tried out all the methods i mentioned above,still cannot produce an article belonging yourself you can translate.a high-quality translation can also acquire the good result.

three laws succeeding in the blog

1.don't be serious about ourselves,don't care about our blog too much.
2.don't think too much about the so-called meaning,you will walk freely when you regad the world as simple.
3.update,update,always keep updating..

:)Hello everyone,let's get march on from olympic games

It has been so long times that i didn't write anything in my blog, and from now on i will share all my valuable experiences including the best method of earning online, let us study the best method and march on and on,we will never stop our step achieving success. And now--just from now on we march on with olympics.