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here you can share what you know

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the process of registering snap
use "blogger "
customize such as color,icon if you want to use your own
the following page,enter your account details:your email,your website url,choose your password,re-enter your password.
check "i agree to terms & conditions"

click continue

Install Snap Shots on Blogger

Based on the Web Site URL you stated, we can offer 1-Click Install on

click install now

appear the page:

Add Page Element

You're about to add content from another site to your blog. Make sure you trust this site before proceeding. This action will place some code from the content provider into your blog page. You can view the code details below.
Select a blog:
click add widget

then appear the layout page of blogger,you will see the information:
Snap Shots has been added to your page

this is just the procee of registering snap.

cause the process is nearly the default process,so snapshot display as the present result

my dear readers

for convenient thinking i just delete several widget functions.just for loading speed to read conveniently,and welcome to join my google friend connect,now there are no members,i will be thankful for the first member:)

increased functions of gmail labs

youtube previews in mail,
picassa previews in mail,
flickr previews in mail,etc..
of course useful,also can create document in mail and offline function is necessary meanwhile tasks adds a to-do-list,increased convenient,cannot list all here,great,great,all functions are very great and very practical