the method of publishing your blogger post through email

1. the dashboard click the specified blog's "settings" "email&mobile"button the "posting options"section's "email posting address",name your send to address. you can send text and image to the address to post to your blog
this is the process of publishing your post through email

the most useful function of chrome

the most useful funtion of chrome is "create application shortcuts",originally i also regard connection is for ever,no necessary to create shortcuts,but if you do you will feel the saving time,cause before this if you want to browse a website you like,you must click the specified browser button,first click,then address,then "enter",ok,now you see your wanted website,but if you set up your shortcuts,then just one click,very convenient,very easy,now introduce the position,click the chrome browser icon,then click the "control the current page"button, the first item "create application shortcuts"and click,ok,perfect,you prolonged your time.

about love

love is plum of winter

love is lotus of autumn

love is water lily of summer

love is tree peony of spring                              

mother i love you

today is mother's day,my dearest mother i love you!!

the postion of wallpaper

if you want to delete some wallpaper,the position is here:c:\windows\web\wallpaper

:)important finding about ebay and amazon

if you want to keep your privacy and want to change your username on ebay and amazon,you can change your current accout but need not create another account of course you can if you will,amazon username is an email and ebay account is the username as you just change your username at the present username-username as you name or email username as you register,perfect.

password safe and encryption of storage device

KeePass Password Safe

store and safe your password


encrypt your storage device if you often store some important information in your hard drive or usb flash

google gears--a tool to speed up page load time through storing the specified website data in local computer

the address:,a practical tool of speeding up your web load time through storing scripts,images,web files of specified website in the local computer,so don't install on shared or public computers

about password of clickbank

if sometimes you can not log into the clickbank account,just check if you input the correct password,here i stress the importance of the correct password,because the password is case sensitive,just check the upper or lower case,the best method is copy and paste the characters in your email.

one of the reasons that you can not install windows messenger

if you cannot install windows messenger,just because you have the lower version of windows installer,just download from here:windows installer

the method of displaying rar file

here is one of the best method:the method of displaying rar file

about clickbank

remind:clickbank's confirmation code is your account's password when you login to your account,so if next time you forget your password don't first request to "forget your password",just login to your email to check your first message from clickbank requsting you to confirm,confirmation code is your password

paypal--a must need for online earning

if you want to earn online,paypal is a must,you can register through this adress: paypal register address

the process of signing up cj-commission junction

1.address: signup cj
2.provide language,Functional Currency information etc.. "next" button on the bottom right the appeared page when you check the box "I have read and accepted the Commission Junction Access Service Agreement. By clicking through this box you agree to be bound by the terms of the Commission Junction Service Agreements. ",can not click,you must scroll down to the bottom and click "accept" in the service agreement section,then it's the check box,the correct sign will be checked automatically. the "privacy policy"section check the box "I have read and accepted the Commission Junction Privacy Policy . By clicking through this box you agree to be bound by the terms of the Commission Junction Privacy Policy. "and"I am at least 18 years of age." the site information section: enter your site name,your site url,describe your web site,site category,define your promotional method,suggest all selected:

Web site / Content

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing


select all these categories.
in this section:Does your Web site offer incentives to visitors, donate a portion of proceeds to charity or require special approval from advertisers? (help),if you want to donate choose yes,if you don't want,just choose no.if you want to know the detailed information,just click help.

if you choose yes ,discribe your incentive/special program

7.contack information:you must provide the true information of your contact method:provide your first and last name,valid email required(for registration and sign in),verify email.

8.then company information,if you have not company,maybe your website is your company

9.payment information choose your payment,enter your payee's name and check currency

10.then "Please enter the characters into the box below"attention:the characters in the image is case sensitive,if you just type W as w,then you will be reminded that you must type the characters of the image,roughly this meaning,can not remember clearly.

11.then click "accept terms" in the bottom

12.then in the following page,you will receive the information as follows:



You have successfully opened a publisher account with Commission Junction! The next step is to check your email for your username and password, so you can login to your account, where you can search for products and ads to place on your Web site and start earning revenue.

Succeeding as a Publisher

Just as you chose a Category for your web site on the sign up form, each publisher chooses a Category and specializes in certain products and services. One of the keys to success as a publisher is finding out what products and services match your content and would best sell on your site. Once you decide this, you can more effectively choose products and links from Commission Junction advertisers that will earn higher revenues.

Link Placement

Commission Junction advertisers offer many types of links, including text links, individual product links, banners, e-mail links, search boxes, and more. Try out links, check the results through the Account Manager and find out which types and which specific links work best on your sites. Check the New Advertisers area at the top of your Account Manager often for new opportunities.

Need Help?

For assitance at any time use the Contact Us link at the top of the page to visit our educational site CJU Online, to search the help contents, or ask client services a question.

Account Login

To get started, check your email for your username and password! check your email you just entered,you will receive the information as follows:(roughly meaning,delete some)

Dear ***
Welcome to the Commission Junction network! You have just signed up

for a publisher account that enables you to place our advertisers'

links and banners on your Web site or in your newsletter and earn

commissions. We look forward to working with you and helping you

achieve success with pay-for-performance marketing.

Your account identification number is: ***
Your username is: ***
Your password is:***

Now, you are ready to get started! Login to the Publisher Account

Manager at . The Account Manager is where

you locate advertisers and offers to promote, get the code for your

Web site or newsletter, and also generate reports to track your


Commission Junction offers you many tools to help

launch a successful program. Resources include

an educational and strategic advice newsletter, and advertiser promotion and

incentive notices. You

must opt in* to receive these messages. Visit the "Mail Settings"

page within the Mail tab to set your email preferences for messages from

Commission Junction and its advertisers. Please note, you can opt out of

Commission Junction's educational emails through the Mail Settings interface.

You may not opt out of legal or network-related notifications.

If you need assistance at any time, use the Contact Us link at the top

right of each Web page to access our online help index, visit our

educational Web site CJU Online, or ask Client Services a question.

Please save or print this email as a reference of your account id,

username and password.

Best regards,

Client Services

Commission Junction

this is just the process of signing up cj,nearly perfect


just find a super good place:
here you can share what you know

recommend greatly

the process of registering snap
use "blogger "
customize such as color,icon if you want to use your own
the following page,enter your account details:your email,your website url,choose your password,re-enter your password.
check "i agree to terms & conditions"

click continue

Install Snap Shots on Blogger

Based on the Web Site URL you stated, we can offer 1-Click Install on

click install now

appear the page:

Add Page Element

You're about to add content from another site to your blog. Make sure you trust this site before proceeding. This action will place some code from the content provider into your blog page. You can view the code details below.
Select a blog:
click add widget

then appear the layout page of blogger,you will see the information:
Snap Shots has been added to your page

this is just the procee of registering snap.

cause the process is nearly the default process,so snapshot display as the present result

my dear readers

for convenient thinking i just delete several widget functions.just for loading speed to read conveniently,and welcome to join my google friend connect,now there are no members,i will be thankful for the first member:)

increased functions of gmail labs

youtube previews in mail,
picassa previews in mail,
flickr previews in mail,etc..
of course useful,also can create document in mail and offline function is necessary meanwhile tasks adds a to-do-list,increased convenient,cannot list all here,great,great,all functions are very great and very practical